In the Nexus office, we have a weekly TTF (Three-Thirty Friday) meeting. This is time when we sit down as a team and chat, discuss topics, look at industry trends, throw ideas into the ring and challenge ourselves to keep evolving and not to stand still.

This gathering of wildly creative minds usually takes place in the Boardroom at Nexus HQ and is a relatively relaxed affair, an arena where no idea is a bad one and honesty and freedom of speech is encouraged. Given it’s the end of the working week, Friday treats are also welcome to the meeting and, in fact, have been found to enhance the productivity levels at this time when energy levels are flagging. We all suffer in the chaotic environment we call life to find time to indulge in what we love and to further our professional development without feeling guilty – even harder when doing what you love is your day job too. It was at one such gathering that the #365ChallengeforCharity idea was conceived.

#365ChallengeforCharity will see Nexus produce ‘a design a day’ for 2023 and create an original piece of artwork to share on our social media on a daily basis. There’s nothing like a challenge to focus the mind and bring the team together for a common goal. With imaginations in overload and the impetus of the dawn of a new year, the team at Nexus Creative were all on board and ready to launch #365ChallengeforCharity and committed to producing a unique piece of artwork to share for every single day of 2023.

With the project underway and January, THE longest and uninspiring month of the year under our belts, we want to expand the project and offer other businesses and individuals the opportunity to get involved by sponsoring a day and making a pledge to donate to a charity of choice. In turn we will dedicate the day to you on our social media.

Pick a random day, pick your birthday, promote an event or anniversary or simply pick your favourite number, the choice is yours.

For more information on the #365ChallengeforCharity and how to get involved visit:-
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