Lessons from Lockdown

On 23rd March, Boris Johnson addressed the nation and declared ‘lockdown’ in the UK,amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Covid-19. This was a step that most of us could see coming, but we never knew quite where it would take us or for how long.

Tuesday 24th March and the Nexus team were waking up to a very different working day,from their homes, with children, partners, dogs and siblings in tow. Having decided on a daily team call at 10am, utilising a video conferencing facility that we embedded into our website,the first big debate was deciding what time of day to take our daily walk, with the ability to only exercise once a day, and who could get an online supermarket delivery the quickest.Whilst our shopping habit (of mainly wine merchants and Amazon Prime) deliveries interrupted several calls, our daily walks led to capturing the world around us with a week’s montage of #NexusWalks photographs on our Instagram feed (@nexuscreative, if you fancy a mooch).

The weeks went on and as we were beavering away on projects and getting into the swing of home working life, the weather took a nosedive and the torrential rain set in. John told us all about his self closing rain detecting super fancy velux windows, just after Helena left her window open and flooded her bathroom floor! Daily walks were soggy, Boris’s daily briefings continued and the Covid-19 facts and figures became a daily topic of discussion.

As the statistics became increasingly worrying and the virus affected many people we knew,the sense of teamwork at Nexus grew. As we weren’t in each other's presence, we had to rely on the powers of technology to keep us connected. For a team that is usually within an arm's reach of each other in the office, the change to being apart was something we had to adapt to very quickly. Each team member plays a vital role at Nexus, almost every client we work with has the involvement of each department to deliver their outputs. So, the likes of software such as Slack has been the pinnacle of our communication - a platform that’s allowed us to send messages, requests, graphics and in John’s case, a daily music video to match the mood or the weather.

Usually in the office, we hear the trials and tribulations of our weekend shenanigans but our daily team calls have enlightened us on a little more of the home life goings on, during lockdown. From Nigel smashing his glass collection across his kitchen, to Marge deciding on her cupcake creations for her first socially distanced picnic and Colin’s overnight hospital escapades (not Covid-19 related, you'll be pleased to hear!) - we’ve heard it all!

Not only have we seen our communication skills grow, we’ve also seen our hair grow - Nigel is now sporting a Wolverine style and Patrick’s moustache has been and gone. In fact, the only one to have been able to have had a hair cut during lockdown is Helena’s dog!

There’s many things we’ll take away from the last 13 weeks and whilst we’ve been able to continue ‘business as usual’ at Nexus Creative, we’ve adapted, we’ve learnt a lot and we’ve embraced the changes that have been thrown our way. It’s a period of time that will feel like a lifetime ago once we’re back in each other’s company, in the office. However, it’s also a time that we’ll look back on and remember how we stepped up and delivered our service with the same smiles and determination - as if nothing had changed in the world around us.

Helena - Senior Account Manager
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