Lessons from Lockdown - 1 Year On

Today marks 12 months of restrictions across the United Kingdom, including working at home. Looking back at the last 12 months - the things we have witnessed, listened to, been part of and lived through is something that will stick with us all for quite some time. There’s no denying that it’s been incredibly testing and whilst we have all kept well, which is a remarkable achievement in itself, we all know of someone who has suffered or been affected by Covid-19. It’s a virus that has changed the way in which we work - we’re all still at home and whilst we had a short period of an office rota of days in/out, we’ve been back at the home desks for quite some time. 

From a business perspective we’ve kept up our commitments from home including remotely recording and editing a client’s podcast, designing, building and putting live several new websites, product and packaging development, developing new concepts for existing clients and taking on some brand new exciting projects. 

We’ve also kept up our almost-daily team video call. Something that’s kept us all in contact and provided us with that human interaction that we are all missing. Home-working life now comes naturally to us all, we’re in the swing of communicating more than we ever have done and this is something that we’ll carry forward even when we’re able to be in each other’s company again. We’ve gained an insight into each other’s lives that we otherwise wouldn’t have - with children and pets making a regular appearance, beards growing and homes being redecorated. 

Talking of children - here’s John’s account of the last year

'1 year of lockdown....getting through it seems to be an achievement in itself. I feel very lucky that Covid hasn't touched any members of my immediate family or friends and that other than being confined to my downstairs box room which has been luxuriously described as 'an office room' it's been pretty much the same as usual. Other achievements? Well embarrassingly I had to be reminded of this one - we decided being locked in together with a four year old was too quiet so we welcomed a baby to the fold. Miles was born in November and is a very happy, handsome chap. I don't know where he gets that from. He doesn't sleep much at night though, so that's something we do have in common.'

Several members of the team have stepped up their walking game (ha, get it?). We've experienced quite dramatic seasons in the last year which has made walking quite the adventure at times. Nigel’s been particularly active and racked up 1590.8 miles, with Helena not far behind at 1168.5 miles. Nigel stumps us all though, as the majority of his walks have been with his young daughter strapped to his back, which has led to physiotherapy, osteopath, consultancy and MRI scans to repair his damaged back! The dogs are also feeling the burn, Helena’s dog has a tracker - think of it as a doggy FitBit. His longest walk clocked just over 50,000 steps...quite a lot for his little legs! 

Like a lot of people, we’ve been experimenting with new recipes and trying our hand at things we wouldn’t otherwise have made the time for. John made some fantastic scones and Marge went back to her Portuguese roots to make Pastel de Nata - which I sincerely hope will make an appearance upon our return to the office. Not only has she been making those little delights but she also made this fabulous birthday cake for herself alongside mastering the proving and baking of bread. Snacks are on you, Marge! 


Home renovations have been popular amongst the team, from John preparing his son’s nursery to Patrick giving his bedroom a fresh new look and Nigel’s task of trying to get his new bed up his stairs. Chris has been busy gardening, with his two dogs in tow - wonderfully named Sid and Puppy. 

All in all, we’ve kept each other going - something that I’m sure a lot of other companies can relate to. We usually spend more time with our colleagues than our families and it’s been a very different set up for the last year, as a company that is usually fully office based. As we move towards brighter days, we’ll be looking forward to the office return, the laughter and the wind ups!

We’d all like to express our thanks to the astounding NHS workers and key workers who have kept this country going throughout the last year - the vaccine roll out is fantastic and with half of Nexus already vaccinated, we’re hopeful that the rest of us are not too far behind. 

In addition, we’d like to thank our clients and suppliers, we’re very proud that Nexus Creative has made it through the most difficult of years. We’re looking forward to the future, gaining back a little normality and marching forward into our 25th year in business.  Written by Helena Dixson, Senior Account Manager - Nexus Creative

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