A different kind of green tree

When we received the invitation from our local church, St. James the Great Church in Norton, we took the opportunity to do something a little different.

In a brainstorming session starting with themes for decorating a traditional style ‘living’ Christmas tree, we quickly moved on to an idea set to challenge us to design and create a conceptual tree using bits and bobs from around the office and foraged from outside. We wanted to be as sustainable and green minded as possible and were keen not invest in throw-away decorations.

From the moment of conception, the design was brimming with personality - if slightly removed from the initial brief. The framework of thick, natural rope wound around reclaimed branches to create a tepee and required a nimble construction phase. Comparable to twirling around a maypole, the continuous twirling left Nigel and Vicki feeling slightly woozy like they’d just completed a Banzai style stunt after a glass of Bailey’s.

The journey to St. James’s to erect the tree in situ was thankfully a short one. In a Royal Marine style drill, Neil and Nigel transported the branches and rope down the road and we were met with a warm welcome from Chris and Christine.

The next challenge was to mimic the design achieved in the office and ensure a robust and sturdy construction. After a few attempts and much merriment, the resulting vision is a unique and joyous little fellow called…well we actually don’t know what to call him, any ideas?

Visit the Nexus Christmas tree along with trees from other local businesses at the Christmas Tree Festival in St. James the Great, Norton, Worcestershire when the church is open until Sunday 4th January.

Nexus Christmas Tree

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