Brand Development
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Branding is the process of making your product or company unique and stand out from competitors. The company branding should embody the qualities of the products and services that you wish to convey. When we talk about 'brands' we mean the names, terms, or symbols that identify a business. Every brand will therefore have its own work to do whether that be appealing to a particular audience or communicating specific values.

It is essential that every brand has a strategy for establishing goals and achieving them. If there is a requirement for a brand launch, re-launch or to change the way the brand is perceived, it is crucial to develop a clear strategy to achieve this. Nexus Creative can construct a well-planned branding strategy which will result in increased brand value, awareness and success.

Brand Development

With its heritage in identifying ownership of livestock thousands of years ago, branding isn't a new concept. However in the modern world where there is increased competition for attention, a clearly recognisable brand is essential.

In order for brand development to be successful, a careful evaluation of goals and objectives is needed and a clear marketing strategy developed. Nexus Creative can create a new brand, sub-brands or brand family.

Brand Refresh

Do you feel like your logo is out of date?  But are you worried about the impact a new brand will have on your brand equity? 

You probably need a brand refresh. We believe in being honest with our customers and have been known to talk a customer out of a complete rebrand and into a brand refresh because our research has shown it is unnecessary.
Quite often by reviewing and redefining the brand and its components, we can re-energise the brand, its stakeholders and advocates without losing sight of its origins and history.

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Brand Management

Brand management is the release of a consistent brand image across multiple marketing vehicles and touch points within the marketplace. Providing a consistent and unified brand image is key to ensuring a consistent message is portrayed to the target audience. 
We work with our clients to review these touch points, identify necessary changes and support them in establishing uniformity, both with external marketing materials and internal communications.

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