Grow your business

Our most successful customers run through our
Laurus Programme. The Laurus Programme is a
proven process to help customers grow their business
and provide a quantifiable return on their investment.

The system consists of the following stages:
  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Foundations
  • Engagement
  • Review

(Establishing the current position)

The Analysis stage of the growth process is usually the starting point for our marketing strategy. The more time invested in the research stage, the more data there is to base future decisions. 
This stage includes:

  • Strategic marketing review
  • Marketplace intelligence
  • Benchmarking
  • Stakeholder profiling
  • Communication matrix

Planning (Preparation is everything)

Once the research has taken place and we know where we stand, what we need to say and who we need to say it to, everything needs pulling together into a clear and concise plan... A strategy of communication, a marketing strategy!

Input data - output a plan.

Foundations (Getting the company ready to receive customers)

There is no point in engaging with potential customers if the literature, website, social media channels or touch points give the wrong brand impression. Having established the touch point issues during the Analysis stage, we work to ensure literature, collateral, websites, social media channels, videos, adverts and digital material is up to speed.

Engagement (Delivering the Marketing)

Establish the marketplace, establish the audience and establish the message that triggers a positive response and how best to deliver it. Then, in this stage, pull the knowledge and planning together and dispatch it to the market.

  • Campaign development and execution
  • Brand and customer experience
  • Advertising
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising - Google Adwords and Facebook adverts
  • Social media management and audience development
  • Lead generation, telemarketing and appointment booking

Review (Evaluating the Impact)

Every marketing activity results in an increased knowledge of the market place. By far the best way to improve marketing activity is to review the outputs of previous activities. Failing to evaluate the outputs of an activity will result in a missed opportunity to learn a marketing lesson.

This stage naturally feeds back into the foundation and engagement stages to help guide future projects.

  • Metric and measuring success
  • Lessons learned


Our track record in increasing turnover, improving brand recognition and customer engagement proves we have the know-how to help you achieve your results.

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A client recently said:

"We made the right choice. Nexus generated more sales leads in the first month than the previous company had in a year. Using Nexus to supply a combination of appointment making with good potential clients, supported by their full-service marketing, is proving to be a great investment.

The ROI they promised has been more than achieved and I would recommend them to anyone looking to generate sales and raise their profile."

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