The ultimate goal of the marketing process is to increase the ROI for our clients.

The development and maintenance of customer relationships are at the heart of this technique. We work with our customers to find the right marketing activities to achieve their goals. We've done everything from metaphorically 'banging the drum' to 'whispering in the wind' to attract the target audience and get the message across.

Market Segmentation

All successful marketing starts with working out what messages will trigger a response from the different target audiences. We do this by profiling, categorising and segmenting the consumers and establishing their buying behaviour.

Through mapping of the buying process, development of a narrow focus and clearly defined audience patterns, we can guarantee to capture and maintain customer loyalty by making your product or service the obvious choice.

Inbound Marketing

Content is king when it comes to Inbound Marketing. The correct shareable content in the right place at the right time is key to getting noticed by the right people and increasing the ROI of digital marketing campaigns.
The use of digital platforms has brought a new age of marketing, where the customer comes to the business through cleverly designed content creation. Our social listening tools help us to create insightful and relevant content which will drive awareness to your target market. Visibility of your business is raised through use of suitable digital platforms and well-informed expertise on content delivery.

When this content creation process is integrated with key analytics tools, Inbound Marketing techniques can work together seamlessly to increase the return on investment and grow a reliable and returning customer base.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Implementation of an Omni-Channel Marketing strategy encourages use of a consistent message introduced across all platforms, which helps users devise their own route through the buying process.

This approach is a modernised method of Multi-Channel Marketing, which saw different strategies developed for individual channels. The Omni-Channel approach focuses on the creation of an overall strategy that can be implemented across the board, in areas such as online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a brick and mortar store.

This true integration method between channels at the back end allows the link to be fluid and maintains the same customer experience regardless of where the purchase will be made.

Introduction of this approach will see your customer retention rate increase, whilst creating a synergic brand across all outlets.

Disruptive Marketing

Products or services need to cut through the noise in inventive and unique ways to get noticed by their target audiences. Disruptive Marketing has been instigated as a marketing method for overcrowded markets.
Through implementation at the beginning of the marketing process, Disruptive Marketing targets potential customers by designing products that match an overall demand in the marketplace. This niche approach reaches out to consumers by providing an answer to their business woes. Nexus Creative can position your product or service as the answer to problems within your industry, making it the obvious choice in the buying process.

Disruptive Marketing speaks to consumers on a personal level through identification of a problem and cleverly designed marketing techniques. Implementation of these techniques challenges the norms of the market and reaches out to customers from an alternative angle.

Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing means regaining ultimate control of your customer’s buying journey. Through clever implementation of various tools, Nexus Creative can guide your potential customers in a systematic way through the buying process.

In many instances, a customer can be taken through the same marketing sequence irrespective of when they come into contact with your brand. Marketing automation ensures the same level of care is provided to all customers and relieves sales teams of the initial steps of securing a sale.

This cost-effective method is proven to increase the return on investment whilst guaranteeing to grow the retainment rate of the customer base. Our refined method of Automated Marketing ensures legitimate and relevant communication will be delivered to keep customers interested in your product or service.

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