Lead Generation and Telemarketing

When Lead Generation tactics, such as telemarketing, are utilised alongside appropriate content marketing methods, highly qualified leads will appear through various channels and increase the return on investment in a worthwhile marketing technique.

Our integrated telemarketing team provides an invaluable resource for any sales team. As the process of telemarketing is a combination of database development and multiple touch points our joined-up approach to creating hot leads is incredibly effective.

If your sales teams need support in generating leads, we can help:
  • Establish the right person to contact in an organisation
  • Establish the buying cycle
  • Book a sales appointment
  • Ensure the sales team have the right marketing material and mechanisms to convert the lead to a sale.


Database Development

The importance of basing a marketing campaign on accurate data is paramount.

Using an out of date customer database will only have a negative impact on the customer relationship and with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking hold, failing to abide by the legal framework could prove costly.

Working with us on your database development will ensure the information is up to date and accurate and therefore provide increased engagement.

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