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1. "a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications."
2. "a public tribute to someone and to their achievements."

We are never happier than when we receive a testimonial from a customer, as a company built on ensuring customer satisfaction it is the ultimate sign of approval.

Below are a few testimonials from our customers...

AMCO Logistics

ASL is a logistics company offering a wide range of services from its head-office in Worcestershire, warehouses in Teford and Chinese hub in Shanghai.

With our roots firmly established in motor-sport transportation, we have over the last thirty years added clients such as BMW, Nissan, Ford, VW and the Ministry Of Defence to our portfolio, as well as hundreds of other national and international companies and organisations.

Turnover this year was above the target of £22 million, at £25 million, and I do not hesitate to say that that is due in part to our relationship with Nexus Creative Ltd. For the last seven years Nexus have been our marcoms agency and have helped us enormously to grow as a business. They are professional and technically very competent, particularly with regard to their digital offering, and their account management is superb. However, above all in my opinion, they care deeply that the client’s wishes are satisfied, and will always go that ‘extra-mile’ to add value to the relationship.

Business Development Manager

International Exporter

We have come a long way from when CM and Nexus Creative first formed a working relationship in 2010. We had substantial experience in the field but wanted a fresh, new and engaging image for the CM brand. This is what we were hoping for by approaching the team – as we were impressed by their experience in the food & drink packaging industry – and it’s exactly what we got.

Nexus Creative came up with impressive initial ideas to suggest, based around intriguing local stories. These were then built on with us, eventually developing solid, overall solutions which have since been adapted and applied to every new product line within our business. The Nexus Creative team take special care to look after our brand, ensuring that everything from the website to the labels on our bottles are looking engaging and of the highest quality for our customers.

Nexus Creative have really grown with us and supported us on our journey to the successful place we are in today. Our now broad range of ciders, have developed from initial ideas to high profile brands sold in major UK supermarkets and exported to 10 countries.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nexus Creative and their high quality marketing services.



As a medium sized charity aiming to improve the lives of vulnerable adults, we had to think long and hard about directing some of our limited and precious resources to working with a marketing and communication agency. We were however acutely aware that if we were to significantly increase awareness of our organisation and its work and generate greater backing from the wider community including business and corporate support and sponsorship we needed help and guidance to do so.

We went through a lengthy and rigorous process of meeting a number of agencies and were immediately impressed with Nexus who stood out as not only competent and skilled but genuinely interested in what we were trying to achieve as a charity. They listened, really listened to us, and responded in a very thoughtful and intelligent way. They did not give us the “prepared pitch” but took time to understand and then talked through options and ideas. From the beginning we felt we were genuinely in a partnership and were working with a highly professional team but very importantly one that was genuine, person centred and prepared to take the time to understand us.

Nexus have enabled us to transform our branding and promotional materials and guided us expertly through the process of exploring and clarifying our mission and vision for the organisation and the messages we need to convey to engage with a wider group of stakeholders and supporters.

They have recently been pivotal to the successes of our first major promotional and fundraising event. Supporting us from the development and creation of the event concept, through all the stages of organisation, marketing, branding and promotion of the event through to its successful execution. They used their considerable and impressive contacts and links within the business and corporate community to generate support for the event enabling us to raise over £10,000, an amazing sum for our first venture.

Our partnership with Nexus had been truly transformational for Onside. Although we have been operating for over 20 years, our wider profile was extremely low. Within a year of working with Nexus this position has been radically improved and we are hugely appreciative of the input they have had and the impact of this on our charity.

The really impressive thing about Nexus is not simply what they do but how they do it and this is essentially about the quality and integrity of the team they have. They have not just done a job for us but have wholeheartedly thrown themselves in to the task of raising our profile and our capacity to generate support for our work. Everyone we have worked with at Nexus has inspired trust and delivered consistently on their commitments. They are fun to work with, creative and inspiring, honest and with an extremely collaborative approach. They care about what they do, just as we do, and their passion and determination to get things right perfectly matches ours. We cannot recommend them highly enough or thank them enough for what they are doing for our charity.

International Packaging Company

We are a third-generation family firm in the Midlands, offering a complete packaging design, production and management service. With a multi-million pound turnover and an impressive range of clients, we were keen to continue our growth and maximise our resources.

We are an international business, with clients and suppliers around the world. We have previously had some very disappointing experiences in our efforts to generate sales leads, particularly with telesales providers. We were rather sceptical about the whole strategy and our expectations were not high prior to meeting new organisations trying to sell their services to us. In short, we had wasted a lot of money on false promises.

In what was a slight change of direction, we had almost decided to award a marketing contract to a local agency that had been introduced to us, but at the last minute we were approached by Nexus. From our very first meeting, there was just something different about them. They had the experience, confidence and testimonials that made us decide to award the contract to them and not the company we were considering.

We made the right choice.

Nexus generated more sales leads in the first month than the previous company had in a year. Using Nexus to supply a combination of appointment making with good potential clients, supported by their full-service marketing, is proving to be a great investment.

The ROI they promised has been more than achieved and I would recommend them to anyone looking to generate sales and raise their profile.



Nigel, of course we’d be so happy to give you a testimonial….how about something like the following:

“When we approached The team at Nexus Creative about a year and a half ago, we had no clear direction in mind other than telling Nigel to “please make us better”. Without much creative direction to go on, he and the team have been absolutely brilliant. Nigel has managed the re-fresh of our brand (being very patient in the process) and done things for us that we had not anticipated. He and the team are full of ideas and always willing to listen carefully before giving a considered, well thought through and professional opinion. Nigel has taken the time to understand what our personal preferences are and to look at and understand our business and the vision that we have for ourselves. That is exactly what we needed and will continue to need going forwards – they are the professionals after all. We love what Nexus have done for us so far and look forward to their valued input in the future”.

Hope this is OK, Nigel. I am not making it up either, mate. We are really pleased to be working with you guys. If you want me to stick this on a letterhead or anything like that, simply let me know.

Otherwise, the text is all yours to do with as you please.

All the best
DK - Director

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