We design, build, manage and promote websites.

Great user experiences, efficient buying processes and simplified internal systems are our thing. 

Website Design

It is hard to argue about the role a website has nowadays in the buying process. It's usually the first place any customer will visit when developing a perception of a business, product or service, so it is essential that a website portrays the right message and works efficiently.  

Our team of designers has designed websites since 1995 for all sorts of clients and sectors. We carefully consider the requirements of each website we design, avoiding unnecessary trends and fashions that will date the website and impact on its usability.

Give us a call on 01905 821919 or email us for a list of recent websites we've designed.

Website Development

A website cannot rely solely on how it looks and the messages it communicates to be successful. A website has to be built correctly, coded using the right language, structured correctly and built with the end game of all the stakeholders in mind.

With the user experience and purchasing journey now more important than ever, it is a must that the audience’s expectations and business desires are given the utmost consideration throughout the build.

Our in-house website developers have years of experience in developing and coding in multiple languages.   

Content Management Systems

To rank highly in search engine results, it is important to update your website regularly.

This also gives confidence to returning visitors demonstrating that the website is well maintained, up-to-date and relevant and therefore a Content Management System (CMS) is the way forward.

We have used and implemented the majority of well-known CMS’s including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Squarespace. However, we prefer our own system.

Our system has been built and developed to be simple to use and easy to adapt to the exact needs of the client. With full control over the CMS functionality, we can provide you with the exact level of control you require.

From systems that can simply update a news page to sophisticated software that can manage e-commerce facilities and site structure, our CMS is developed with the administrator in mind and is simple to use with no knowledge of coding required.

Integrating 3rd Party software and CRMs

The management and control of your data are essential to the efficient running of any business. So doesn't it make sense to ensure that your website integrates seamlessly with your CRM package?

We have experience in integrating platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, as well as CRM development.

Integrating a CRM package allows you to:

  • Sync customer information 
  • Sync stock levels 
  • Sync a customer's contact history 
  • Sync customer preferences 
  • Target customers for specific campaigns 
  • Report on sales and targets 
For a demonstration on the power of integrating your CRM package, please get in touch.

Ecommerce Websites

It is a given that e-commerce is the future of the retail sector. And with ever-improving logistics and delivery systems, e-commerce is set to become even more responsive and efficient. We offer unique, custom-built solutions that meet the individual needs of the customer.

The keys to a successful e-commerce website are:

  • User-friendly navigation 
  • Efficient customer experience 
  • Accessible products
  • Secure checkout system 
  • Customer confidence
E-commerce websites allow you to showcase your products online, take payments and automate many of the administrative processes.

Integration into secure payment services is seamless and whether it is a ticketing system, product based shop or requires stock control system integration, we can devise a solution specific to your business needs. Years of experience has provided invaluable e-commerce knowledge about site structure, system processes and associated running costs. We will work with you to ensure the most cost-effective solution is implemented and that payment systems are smoothly put in place.

If you are taking payments online, you will need to ensure that your website is PCI Compliant. There are different levels of compliance required depending on how many transactions your website will be making. We recommend using Sage Pay for your merchant services; many products they offer ensure level 1 compliance. Nevertheless, we have experience working with many other service providers. If your stock control has an API key, it is possible to update your in-house systems through your website as each purchase is made. We are able to link these systems within websites that we build.

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